Rising High
About Rising High
Rising High had its first edition in 2010. After a few years of hosting a Dutch cup that was separate from the official Dutch competition (NBK), some Force Elektro members wanted to start a tournament that was separate from anything official with the NFB. They wanted to attract international teams to come have a fun weekend together in Delft.

The founders were Lutz Mürau, Brian Frieser and Oscar Gomez. The first years were held at the TU Delft Sports Centre. In the first year, an American MSc student at the university, Ravi Vasudevan, started to become involved in the tournament and would become a tournament director from the second edition in 2011 onwards. The first year was a pretty small tournament with just nine open teams in attendance. There was a mix of German and Dutch teams and it was an event but the organizers knew this was only the beginning.

In the second year a women's division was added and the tournament grew to 12 teams in total. Belgian teams attended for the first time. Things gradually grew and more and more countries began to attend. Eventually Rising Hat was added to the tournament and the open division expanded to include a separate "Rising" and "High" division to give the competitive teams in attendance more high level games. Now the tournament regularly brings around 32 teams per year and has hosted teams from many different countries including Lebanon as well as countries all over Europe (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland).

In 2022 the identity of the tournamen got renewed. Rising High is organized during the ascension day weekend, which is where the name Rising High comes from. We want to create an atmosphere where you can grow, by working hard. Either on the field, next to the field or at the party. That’s why we value being able to offer both very high level ultimate and ultimate for people that prefer to play more casually. In 2023 we hope to have 32 teams attending and host a 'Rising' and 'High' division in both the Womens and Open division.

As Rising High is organized in Delft, one of the major student cities in the Netherlands, we try to embrace that culture and invite other people along in our traditions. Delft is also known for its innovation and technology, something you’ll find at the tournament too.

The last thing that is very important to us is sustainability. With all the decisions we make in the organization we take sustainability into account.

If you want to see the results from the past, Here you go!
Past results
Below you can find the results of Rising High in the past.