Rising High
This years edition
2023 will host the 12th edition of Rising High!

We are proud to invite you to join the 12th edition of Rising High! On the last weekend of May ’23 we’ll open the fields for two days of competitive and fun frisbee games. As it is tradition, you can choose to sign up for the 'Rising' or the 'High' division, fitting to the tournament journey you want to experience. This year we also aim to expand the two-division system to the Women's competition!

All 6 to 7 games will be played 7v7, Open or Women’s, 60 minutes long and on grass.

Before you climb the placement ladder you have the chance to join us on Saturday for some HAT action and Spikeball games! This way you can already bond with other teams, spend time with team mates you haven't seen for some time or get to know new ones. On Sunday evening you have the chance to get together at a fun party and share stories over a beer, plot strategies for the remaining games or to simply dance the night away.

We will also offer Group-Pick-Up teams, this is especially aimed to create more competition in the Women’s division: you can sign up with a few friends and become one team with another group. This way we hope to get a healthy synergy going soon and you can enjoy the tournament together, even though you might not be enough for a full team. Signing up as an individual is also possible.

Signups are open here!. Registration closes 12 March 2023! Selection of teams will be announced on 19 March.
Below are estimates of the tournament prices for this year.
  • Normal Player's Fee: €65 (estimated)
  • Non playing Player's Fee: €35 (estimated)
  • Pick-Up Player’s Fee: €65 (estimated)
  • One-day Player’s Fee: €45 (estimated)
What's included
  • Camping on site
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Two days of high level ultimate games
  • A great party
  • Flipcup tournament, Rising High tradition
Rising High takes place at Sportpark Tanthof. There are 3 grass soccer fields and 3 artificial grass soccer fields at this complex. Games, camping, dinner and party are all at the same site.

Sportpark Tanthof
Henk van Riessenlaan 5
2626AB Delft
The Netherlands

Payment Policy
This year we will be organising Rising High without a team fee, to make it both easier for the players and the organisation. To confirm your spot at Rising High we expect you to transfer 7 player fees before the 1st of april (7x €65 = €455). Then, before the 1st of May you will have to confirm your number of players and transfer the remaining player fees. Afterwards you will still be able to add or remove players in consultation with the organisation receiving a full refund.
Refund Policy
Unfortunately, we can not exclude the possibility that a major global event, like COVID-19, will interfere with the organisation of the tournament. Therefore, we have written the following refund policy regarding cancellation from either a team or the full tournament.
As we get closer to the weekend, the uncertainty decreases, which is good, but also forces us to make some financial commitments (book the fields, secure the food, etc.). Therefore we will have an adaptive refund policy. Our policy is to make as much as possible available to the teams. The closer we get to Rising High, the higher our costs. We strive to refund as much as possible, but below is what you'll most likely get refunded.
Tournament Refund
If we have to cancel Rising High due to factors that are out of our hands as an organisation. You will receive the following refunds:
- Before the 1st of May: you will receive 100% of your Player Fees
- Before the 13th of May: you will receive 60% of your Player Fees
- After the 13th of May: you will receive 50% of your Player Fees.
- After the 22nd of May: we will try to refund as much as possible, but taken our costs made into account we can't make any guarantees.

Team Refund
If you as a team have to cancel, because you no longer have the number of necessary players or for any other valid reason. You will receive the following refunds:
- Before the 1st of May: you will receive 100% of your Player Fees
- Before the 13th of May: you will receive 80% of your Player Fees
- After the 13th of May: you will no longer receive a guaranteed refund. Of course the organisation will try to still refund as much as possible.

Want to contact us? Check out the contact information below. The best way to contact us is through our email: risinghigh@force-elektro.nl.
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